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Ash Tree Diease in sick ash trees

Ash Tree Leopard Moth Mesa AZ 480 969 8808 Warners Tree Surgery 11 18 2017

Ash Trees are suffering this year in record numbers hears some pictures of ash trees just blocks from our home in mesa

All of the ash trees in these pictures are infected with boring insects and this video will aide you in determining if your ash trees are infected.

Common symptoms associated with attack by boring insects are, branch dieback are thinning canopies and epitomic branching.

The canopy of the tree may have only the lower branches still full of foliage and the top with only a scattering of leaves. In addition, the lower branches and trunk may have single or clusters of upright shoots these are called epicormic shoots and occur along the branches or trunks of stressed trees.

A symptom common with ash trees infested by carpenter worms and other ash borers is bark shredded off by woodpeckers searching for the larvae. Fresh missing bark, particularly over an extensive area of the trunk, is one of the best indicators that the tree may be infested by the borer.

If these indicators are present, look for signs of activity of a boring insect in the trunk or dying branches. Sometimes only the upper branches will show insect activity, and if possible these should be the first examined. Signs to look for are the size and shape of exit holes on the bark and the pattern of any insect tunnels beneath the bark.

There are many insects that infest ash trees, and each makes a characteristic exit hole and galleries beneath the bark.

The emerald ash borer that is not supposed to be in Arizona yet creates a crisp D-shaped hole (1/8-inch) as it exits the tree As the larvae tunnel out, they form tunnels just beneath the bark.

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