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Pigeon tremex. The pigeon tremex (Tremex columba) is a native insect to North America. It is a type of wood boring wasp in the horntailfamily Siricidae. The pigeon tremex develops in a wide range of hardwood trees that are in advance stages of decline, including elm, maple, and ash.

Adults of this insect emerge from trees in midsummer. The females, which are large,
brown cylindrical bodied wasps, can sometime be observed as they search the bark of host plants. Periodically females will drill into trees with a long ovipositor and, when the plant is suitable, will lay eggs into the wood. Pigeon tremex also introduces white rot fungi when laying eggs, which will produce decay in the area where the young wasps develop.

Feeding occurs deeply into the wood, producing riddling that may extend into the center of the plant and these tunnels are round in cross section. Larvae of the pigeon tremex are cream colored with a cylindrical body. The head is large, compared to the other wood borers, but, except for the jaws, it is not darkened.

Pigeon tremex is restricted to ash trees that are in advanced decline and it is not a primary pest of ash. Adults produce round, smoothly cut holes when exiting through the bark.




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