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Lilac/ash borer. The lilac/ash borer (Podosesia syringae) is a native insect to North America and is the most commonly encountered wood borer in ash throughout Colorado. It is a type of moth in the “clearwing borer” family Sesiidae.
Adults of this insect emerge from trees during warm days in mid spring. In warmer areas and during warm seasons emergence may begin to occur in April, although the adults are more commonly encountered in May and early June. After mating, the females will lay eggs in cracks on the bark of ash trees. Most egg laying is concentrated in the lower trunk, sometimes extending into the lower scaffold limbs and a bit above. Lilac/ash borer adults do not possess chewing mouthparts so they do not feed on leaves.

Upon egg hatch the newly emerged larvae tunnel into the trunks or limbs producing irregular gouging wounds just under the bark. Later stage larvae may extend the tunnels deeply into the trunk and lilac/ash borer will produce more generalized riddling of the trunk and limbs than do the other borers associated with ash. Larvae of lilac/ash borer are cream colored with a dark head and can be distinguished from the other wood borers by a series of short, paired prolegs on the underside of abdomen, each tipped with a series of small hook (crochets).Larva of the lilac/ash borer showing prolegs
tipped with hooked crochets on the abdomen.

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